about Lucy

Lucy Robinson with produce from her own gardenA musician and musicologist by profession, Lucy Robinson’s energy and creativity are evident in her joyful, eclectic approach to cooking. Determined to eat well despite severe food intolerances over the course of thirty years she has gathered together an impressively broad repertoire of recipes that exclude grains and meat. Inspired by flavours from around the globe, Lucy shares her delicious meals with family and friends at her homes in Wales and France. And now, she shares them in the grain-free vegetarian, her first book.

A passion for research and writing

Lucy Robinson playing the viol de gambaIn assembling the recipes for this book, Lucy was drawn to research the stories behind the dishes and their ingredients. You’ll see many of the stories in the book. Isn’t it incredible that through DNA tests on Egyptian mummies we learn what the pharaohs ate over three millennia ago?

Lucy has an international reputation for her research into Baroque music especially into the viol and French music. She has published editions of Bach (Faber) and Couperin (Le Pupitre) and over 20 articles for The New Grove (Macmillan). She reviews regularly for Early Music (Macmillan). For 12 years Lucy was Head of Postgraduate Studies and Research at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where she now teaches viol.

Family and friends

Lucy and son Alex serving food to music students in FranceLucy has a real love of sharing food with family and friends and has never let her allergies stop her from enjoying these simple pleasures with others.

Lucy’s three sons bounced through their grain-free vegetarian youth and have all helped with bringing this book to life. Sam, a cameraman, has taken the photos and assisted with making the website. Alex, a chef at Margot Henderson’s Rochelle Canteen in London, has provided some of the recipes and been a mine of advice. Louis, the family mathematician, has offered his expertise in curry making.